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Pocket Informant

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9.10 03/12/09
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Pocket Informant is fully compatible with:

  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 6 Pro
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic
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An innovative way of handling your tasks, calendars and contacts

James Thornton

Pocket Informant replaces your built in Contacts / Calendar / Tasks applications with more powerful, yet simple, full featured versions along with cool additions in one fully integrated application. This means that it syncs with Outlook and ActiveSync, or third party Sync solutions.

Despite its robust features, Pocket Informant is very easy to use. Features are designed to be quickly accessible, without being in the way.

Pocket Informant can manage simple appointments and tasks and grow with your needs to handle even the most complex situations. Pocket Informant is designed as a turnkey solution - with no advanced setup or steep learning curve.

"Nice calendar, contact, task replacement."

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Pocket Informant is an excellent program to replace the current under powered pocket pc window calendar, contact, and task.

I used Palm OS before (with their calendar, contact, task, and note),and after jumping into the pocket pc world, I was shockingly disappointed. Considering window made the Outlook, their ppc version of the calendar was unworthy (Palm did a much better job, and they didn’t even build Outlook). Ppc windows made the calendar into a version of “take it or leave it” attitude. Users cannot change much of the settings in calendar, task, or contact… and notes program is an after thought, poorly made. I have WM5, and the window calendar version is slow. It takes 3 seconds every time to load up the month view, just to put up the little triangles and boxes. Once I tap on a date, it takes another 3 seconds to load up the information.

Pocket Informant changed all that. Users can make almost thousands changes to meet their demand. In the calendar version, users can make color change to different categories, I have green for business, red for home, orange for birthdays, and blue for holidays. Its also faster to load up the program, and information (for WM5).

Task and contact has much more function then the window version. Notes has improved with addition function, but due to the lovely active sync, Palm’s Notes version is still better.

  • An excellent replacement for the current window calendar, task, and contact.
  • Many settings to customize.
  • It takes a bit of time to maximize it’s power due to all the setting.
  • Notes is improved but hinder by active sync.

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11 Dec 2005

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  1. Plugin to display the time elapsed or to wait for an event

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